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Universal text converter

(Active RC) filter design program

My self-made WWW counter v1.2.45, logger, with lots of configuration abilities. With number or text display, in Hungarian, English, Finnish, German and Russian. You can see this at the starting page. (If you interested in it, or you would write it in Spanish or other language, write to me [dome <at> impulzus <dot> com]!)

CAD&D program pack for role-play game fans

btree.c B-tree handling library (commented in Hungarian only). Much better than binary tree, since one can prove that it is the optimal regarding the search time. (For example: the binary tree becomes a linear string in case of pre-ordered data.)
crt2.c Character mode additional functions under DOS. Menu-handling and more.v3.0.1
dguestbook.c Guest book program for WWW v1.0.18
gifconv.c You can make transparent background or animated GIF files by the GIF Construction Set, but the shareware program inserts a long text into them. This program removes this text.
dguestbook.c A simple but great HTML guest book program. It enables HTML <tag>s and &-symbols, therefore one can send formatted text, but eliminates strings beginning with "<!--" (scripts, server side includes, command execution, etc.). v1.0.10
hppcl5.c A library for handling Hewlett-Packard LaserJet and other, PCL-language printers. v1.1.11
hp_count.c Page counter program for Hewlett-Packard LaserJet and other, PCL-language printers. v2.0.20
linkhtm.c Program for merging separate HTML files. Insertion goes to the place of the link. v1.0.11
pcx.c Library for writing 256-color ZSoft PCX files. v1.0.3
playwav.asm Program for playing WAV files smaller than 64K. You can adjust the speed and the volume. It is just 761 byte "long".
playwav2.asm Reduced version of the previous program, which can be linked to the WAV file, thus getting a self-playing music file.
playwav3.asm Further reductions on the previous program lead to a 124 byte WAV-player.
sio2.c Library containing functions for handling serial port with interrupt and normal buffering. v3.2 (Hungarian comments only)
sio2.h ... and its header-file.
video2.c Graphic functions for VGA/SVGA mode. Appr. 10-times faster than Borland BGI graphics. Sorry, in 640*480 (256 color) resolution the paging does not work so far, therefore we can access only the first 409 lines.

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